Daysmel Muniz | Instructor Bio

  • Daysmel Muniz
    Wednesday, Thursday
    Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

  • What Instruments do you teach?
    I teach Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass and Ukelele.

    What is your teaching philosophy?
    I believe that music can enrich a person’s life, develop their brain and be used as a means of self expression in the world. Music can be fun and easy to learn! While learning music we discover things about ourselves that can surprise us. I really believe that music education and the individual can come together to spark powerful creative forces.

    How long have you been teaching music? At Youth Music Project?
    I have been teaching music for 7 years. I am starting at Youth Music Project this year for my first Winter Session!

    What is your favorite thing about teaching music?
    When the student loves music so much that they are driven to learn and be creative outside of class, in their real lives. I like to see students that are hungry to learn more!

    About Daysmel
    Daysmel began playing music right before he turned 16. He borrowed his friend’s guitar and played it here and there. Daysmel eventually obtained his own guitar and after a year of playing, he began to take private lessons, which really pushed him forward. He studied music on his own from 19 until his mid-20s. Then, he was fortunate to find an amazing guitar teacher that opened up new pathways for learning. Today, he also loves taking Skype lessons from players he admires. In California, Daysmel played in a band called Mr. Moonshine. His influences are Miles Davis, Wayne Krantz, The Beatles, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Ravi Shankar, Al DiMeola.

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