Kids experiencing the power of performance – thanks to you! 

March 14, 2017
  • Thanks to your support, the past few months saw hundreds of young musicians took to the stage at Youth Music Project; they performed at student concerts and at our monthly Teen Open Mic. We want to share with you why hitting the stage is so valuable to the kids you care about.

    Being on stage takes courage. Our students, with the help of their peers and instructors, learn to work through and overcome their fears. Their performance is the culmination of hard work and reflects their passion and persistence. Our students leave the stage proud of what they’ve accomplished.

    With each performance, young musicians develop new skills and improve their musicianship. At Youth Music Project, our stage also provides students with a chance to practice under bright lights, with a big sound system. Through repeated experiences, students acquire poise that helps them in school and for the rest of their lives.

    Performing music for others is a powerful way to contribute good to the world. Whether it’s a heavy-metal guitar riff or a sweet pop ballad, music has the power to inspire, comfort and entertain people. Students at Youth Music Project use the power of music to bring the community together.

  • The gift of music can change a child's life!