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    Dear Youth Music Project Family,
    It takes a village, as the old proverb goes.  How true this is in any time, let alone a time like now. Youth Music Project isn’t a village proper, per say, but it sure feels like one each afternoon and evening – our rooms and corridors bursting and bustling with the sounds of songs, laughter, and joy wafting on the air; children and families weaving together a tapestry of experiences and stories of all shape, size, and manner.

    It’s not rocket science, what we do. We listen. We reflect. We harmonize. We recognize the value, capacity, and spark in everyone whom we interact with. We seek to help uncover and encourage the inner volition already present in each budding musician, wherever their interest may wander. Simple, really. And deeply impactful for hundreds upon hundreds of youth.

    And currently, it is all quiet in our building.

    The COVID-19 outbreak continues to up-end our daily routines and habits, raising levels of anxiety, worry, and stress about the well-being of our families, our communities, and each other. It leaves us wondering just what exactly the full impacts may yet be by the time COVID-19 is overcome.

    The silence of the unknown can be frightening. 

    While there is much yet unknown about our current crisis, one thing is well known: Music can help!

    Studies show that listening to music can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can enhance life satisfaction, optimism and hope, and make life more meaningful. Research even suggests that listening to music may improve immune function. 
    My own personal experience of increased contentment and calm when I am playing music is enough for me to know that this time is ripe as can be to be playing and sharing music with each other!

    This week was slated to be our Winter Term Student Concert Week. 

    Near 800 youth would have taken to our Meteor Lounge stage and performed for over 1500 concert attendees throughout the week. Any of you who have attended these concerts can attest that they are the essence of our mission in action, and a joy to behold.  

    So, on that note – pun very much intended – we are inviting all of our Youth Music Project village to keep the spirit of concert week going by staging your very own special performance from home!

    Students and non-students alike – take out that old six-string from your closet, dust off the piano in the living room, heck, raid the kitchen cupboard for pots and pans and create a makeshift drum kit. Dress up in your finest concert attire, step into the Youth Music Project online spotlight, and make some music already!

    Post a photo or video of your brilliant home performance with #YMPPowerOfMusic to become a part of The Power of Music Virtual Concert Series.

    After you make your post, be sure to follow #YMPPowerOfMusic to see performances from all your friends at Youth Music Project.

    Kicking off The Power of Music Virtual Concert Series is beloved Youth Music Project Instructor, the singular, the one and only… Mr. Alan Singley!  Please give him a warm welcome, ladies and gentleman! 

    Let’s bring our musical village together to brighten moods and buoy spirits as we navigate this uncertain time. We’re all in this thing together and we will make it through with songs helping along the way. 

    In Music,
    Travis Magrane
    Executive Director

    Communities and families that have less means; staff of non-profit organizations like Youth Music Project; small businesses; and many, many others are all hit especially hard in times like these. 

    If you are able, please consider making an immediate financial donation to an organization that is close to your heart and makes a positive impact on you and your community. It will help see us through this uncertain stretch and safely to the other side.

    Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, create space, stay safe, and keep the faith!

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