Sean Hudson

  • Sean Hudson
    Sh-on Hud-Sun

    Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

  • As a kindergartner Sean first heard “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles, while playing in the sandbox at school.  It was at that moment he decided that he wanted his life to be about writing and performing music.  The journey since has been one of unexpected adventure, diverse musical landscapes and deep, lasting friendships.Over the past 40-plus years of writing, performing and studying music Sean has had the opportunity to play a multitude of genres; from punk, country, rock-a-billy and rock-and-roll, to classical, big band and bebop jazz, klezmer and show tunes.  Sean started playing piano and guitar while still in elementary school.  In middle school he played flute in the concert band and then orchestra.  At thirteen, he felt called to play the bass after hearing John Entwistle (The Who), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Bruce Thomas (Elvis Costello).After graduating high school, Sean attended The Evergreen State College, focusing his studies on recording engineering, sound system design and concert production.  It was during this time that his musical palette was broadened by exposure to non-Western music, folk music from around the globe, atonal and industrial music. While in his early thirties, Sean decided that it was time to really explore music theory and composition, so he attended Portland State University; studying jazz composition and performance with Darrel Grant, Jeff Leonard, Dan Schulte, and influential improvisational bassist Glenn Moore.Sean likes to say that the past 40 years of live performances have allowed him to live his high school dream.  He performed his first paying gig as a 16 year-old at a high school dance, and immediately went on to perform club dates in Seattle and Portland.  Over the course of his career he has toured across America numerous times.  Performed in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Spain, building friendships and having life changing experiences along the way. Through teaching, Sean hopes to help his students explore their creative lives, bolster self-confidence, find their unique voice and learn about how communicating through music can open their worlds to a variety of possibilities.  Whether one wants to become a professional musician or learn for personal satisfaction, Sean believes that the opportunity to communicate with a broad spectrum of people through music performance opens one up to experiences that are life-affirming and community building.