Staff Profile: Joseph Ulibarri

March 14, 2017
  • Q: When did you start working at Youth Music Project?

    January 2017; I am new here!

    Q: What types of music do you teach?

    At Youth Music Project, I teach piano and voice.

    Q: Do you play any other instruments?

    I also play the clarinet!

    Q: What is your musical background?

    I started band in the 6th grade and decided to play the ever-increasingly squeaky and awkward clarinet. I then started taking piano lessons in 8th grade. I was in choir, band, and musical theatre all throughout high school, and led my high school worship band at my church on both keyboard and voice. I studied music education as an undergraduate, focusing on voice, piano, clarinet, and choral singing (all mostly classical). I am currently in a graduate program for music education (Master of Music in Music Education).

    Q: What’s your favorite song to teach?

    Currently, my favorite song to teach is “Audition” from the movie “La La Land.” I like the combination of jazz, musical theatre, and dreaminess.

    Q: What’s your favorite song to play, or to listen to?

    I like to play hymns. My favorite is “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” — I like the gracious text and the soft contour of the simple, folk-based melody.

    Q: What do you like about working at Youth Music Project?

    I like the small class sizes in which I can give each student the individual attention they need to learn. I also like working in a beautiful, state-of-the art facility!

  • The gift of music can change a child's life!