Yohannes Murphy | Instructor Bio

  • Yohannes Murphy
    Monday, Wednesday
    Early Childhood, Ukulele, Voice

  • What is your teaching philosophy?
    The study of an art form is a three-step process. 1. The study of; 2. The practice of; 3. The performance of.

    How long have you been teaching music? At Youth Music Project?
    16 years general; 1 year Youth Music Project.

    What is your favorite thing about teaching music?
    It is the ladder to my higher state of being.

    What do you expect of your students in classes/lessons?
    Come practiced and prepared to study and have fun.

    About Yohannes
    Yohannes began playing music at age three. Around age 15, he knew he wanted to be a musician. Yohannes  is currently working to complete his B.A. in Music Education. He comes from a strong musical family and was required to study piano and a secondary instrument. He chose the guitar as his secondary and studied privately all through middle and high school and a bit in college. Today, Yohannes is a solo performer who plays at a variety of venues in the Portland Metro Area. Yohannes is inspired by blues, jazz, pop, rock and world music. Hands down, Dizzy Gillespie is his favorite musician because his students all said he was kind, patient, encouraging, and highly creative!

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