Equity Statement

  • Youth Music Project (YMP) celebrates the chorus of perspectives, experiences, and unique essence of each person. A soloist is beautiful on its own, but a band, choir, or ensemble has vibrancy and energy made more beautiful with unique instruments and voices included together in co-creation. Modeled by our YMP board, staff and leadership, YMP uses the study of music to empower students to appreciate and respect differences, encourage critical thinking, listen deeply, and make space for and include all voices and perspectives.

    As we continue our journey of equity and inclusion, we are focused on the following goals:

    1. Ensuring a diverse board, staff, student and family community by creating a culture that is welcoming to all, regardless of: ethnicity, race, culture, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, class, nationality, ability or age.
    2. Commitment to inclusion in thought, language, experience, and leadership.
    3. Continuously evaluating our efforts to increase the diversity of our organization at all levels.

    Practice is at the heart of mastery, and a core tenet of music education. The YMP team recognizes that we must constantly practice in order to achieve our goals. In practice – we learn from our mistakes, we encourage each other to be vulnerable, we hold each other accountable, we support, we teach, we step up to the mic when it’s our turn, and step back when it’s time for someone else to sing. We know that our efforts and our attitudes affect everyone around us.

    A chord in music is the sounding of two or more notes at the same time. Equity and our work toward change is, essentially, the harmonization of a chord. We recognize that we will always have opportunities to include more notes and different perspectives at YMP, and we are committed to welcome, create, and celebrate this rich harmony that makes our song whole.

    We make music. Together.

    • We believe...

      We believe that every student deserves access to inspiring, engaging and encouraging music education. Led by our talented and supportive family of educators, YMP students can sign-up for Group Music classes or Private Music Lessons in Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violin, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin, Vocal, and Rock Bands for kids, teens and adults. We also provide early childhood music classes for children ages 5 and under.

  • The gift of music can change a child's life!

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