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    Our free, online piano lesson is perfect for kids who would like to try out the piano before spending any money on private lessons!


  • Youth Music Project:
    Music education that engages every student.

    Our mission

    To provide outstanding rock, pop, and country music education for youth by offering tuition assistance, instrument rentals, and exceptional, state-of-the-art performance opportunities.

  • Feed two birds with one scone. Learn the Piano!

    Why is piano the #1 first music lessons instrument? Well, in addition to its featured role in just about every style of music, it’s also a powerful visual tool to learn music! The keyboard layout allows players to not just hear their melodies (single notes) and harmonies (multiple notes) ringing into the air, but to see them, too. In other words, learning to play the piano is a great way to learn an instrument and learn how music is constructed and organized! Feeding two birds with one scone. Take your piano playing and understanding of music to the next level with one of our pro piano instructors! Sign up for a free trial lesson today!

    • Ages:
      5 and up
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    Do you want to see if music lessons are right for your child without the commitment of a full term? Sign up below for a free 30-min introductory lesson. If your child loves it, we'll make it super easy to keep the fun going!

  • Stories

  • The Screaming Tacos

    Being able to say you’ve been playing in a rock band for almost 3 years at age 11 is a pretty cool thing and The Screaming Tacos can tell you all about it.

    Caden, Ike, Charley, Freddy and Ryan are all about commitment. They go to school together, have sleepovers from time to time, meet at YMP to learn new songs, and even on Fridays after school they get together at one of their homes to practice music.

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