Instrument Rentals


Youth Music Project has a library of instruments for students to rent. Students who qualify for our Tuition Assistance program also qualify for free instrument rentals. To get started, register for a class or private lesson then call us or inquire about instrument rental here.


Qualifying students are free. Deposits are required for both free and standard rate rental instruments.


Violin, Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Drum Pads, Keyboard and a Grand Piano if it will fit inside your ice
cream truck! Reserve an instrument early before classes fill. We do our best to keep them in


My kiddo needs an instrument. How can I get started?

You can call us or inquire about an instrument here. Next, stop by to pick up your instrument
and complete a rental contract.

What if I break a string?

Drop your instrument off at the front desk to be serviced in our shop and we’ll give you a
call when it’s ready to rock.

What if I destroy my instrument into 1000 pieces?

The replacement value will be charged to your credit card on file.

Instrument Recommendations

The following info includes features to consider when purchasing and examples of
beginner instruments we find suitable. Using the Amazon affiliated link contributes a
fraction of your purchase to our programming.


Ukulele has become wildly popular in recent years. Young kids 4-7 will often begin on
ukulele and transition to the guitar.


Acoustic Steel String is the most popular type of guitar for new players. Steel string guitars sound great for strumming rock, folk, country and pop.

Acoustic Nylon String are the easiest to play and have a beautiful mellow sound.
The strings are spaced wider for plucking with the fingers and you’ll hear them often
in Spanish, folk and classical music.

Electric guitars are super fun! If you are set on playing rock and roll you can start
with an electric. You’ll also need a practice amp and many include headphone jacks
for silent practice – so your first awesome chords won’t annoy the neighbors.


Bass is what it’s all about. Basses are large and smaller sizes are rare. You’ll need a
bass amp for practice.


Violins are our most popular rental instrument for good reason. They are expensive to
build properly and maintain. Watch out for internet deals on VSO’s (violin shaped
objects). The deal is they look like a violin, but not at a sufficient level of quality to give
students a fair chance at success. When in doubt, go to a local violin shop that sells both
student and professional instruments.

Violin sizes are measured by arm length. Hold your arm out straight and measure
from your palm to your neck. Here are some basic sizing guidelines.


Drums are the largest and loudest instrument that we bang on about. New students
should have a practice pad to start and eventually a drum kit. We use electronic kits to
keep the volume down in our classrooms and the acoustic kit for our stage. Modern
drummers usually practice and perform on acoustic drums.

Drum Pad

Electronic Drum Kit

Acoustic Drum Kit


Piano is a great instrument for new musicians. Acoustic pianos can often be found
locally for free – as long as you can move it. They sound beautiful and have the best
feel under the fingers. If you want portability and a lot of fun sounds digital pianos and
keyboards are probably for you.

Digital Piano


Spring Term begins April 3. Sign-up by March 31!Register now.