Korine Boyd | Instructor Bio

  • Korine Boyd
    “Korine sounds like Chlorine without the “”L””
    Boyd is Boy + d on the end”
    Violin, Piano

  • What Instruments do you teach?
    I teach Piano and Violin

    What is your teaching philosophy?
    I like to teach the basic fundamentals of music principles (note reading, rhythms, etc.) while keeping the lesson fun and enjoyable so the student stays engaged.

    How long have you been teaching? At YMP?
    Been teaching since my senior year, so 1991? (Oops, now you know my age 😊) Been teaching lessons at YMP since November 2012.

    What is my favorite thing about teaching music?
    I love watching a student take a song that they thought was “too hard”, learn it and then perform it for others!

    About Korine
    Korine was born into a very musical family and began singing and playing the violin and piano at the age of five. In high school, she was the pianist for three musicals: “Oklahoma!”, “Fiddler On The Roof” and “Pirates of Penzance”. She was also a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic Orchestra for three years, playing piano and violin. She was also a member of two select choirs in high school. “Music has just always been a part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine going through life without it!” Korine and her husband, Jeremy of 24 years, have instilled that same love for music in their four children, who each sing and play at least one musical instrument.