Lindsay Clark | Instructor Bio

  • Lindsay Clark
    Tuesday, Thursday
    Piano, Guitar, Vocal

  • About Lindsay
    Lindsay began started playing piano when she was four years old and started singing shortly after. In elementary and middle school, she learned violin, and in her early twenties, she taught herself to play guitar. When she was fourteen, she started exploring writing her own songs. Lindsay studied music privately from a very young age (piano, violin, and choir), taking lessons from a variety of accomplished classical and jazz teachers. In her early twenties, she transferred into Berklee College of Music where she earned her BA and studied all styles of music with piano as her principal instrument and an emphasis on songwriting. She has always loved to perform. Today, Lindsay plays in a solo folk project and has a new album coming out this year. Lindsay’s major influences are Bach, Chopin, Scott Joplin, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, Gillian Welch.

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