Michael Pittman

  • Michael Pittman, Director

    When, I was about 8, I started violin lessons. Not my first choice of instruments but I played it for about 9 years and grew to deeply appreciate the joy of playing alone and with friends. I ascended to the Seattle all city high school orchestra, which was the pinnacle of my music career! In college, I dabbled in jazz piano but my focus in school was science – and there is a great connection between music and science – google it!

    It is painful to see music absent now from many schools so I am thrilled to contribute in a small way to Youth Music Project. The mission speaks to me and lets be honest—the YMP staff exude great energy and the headquarters has soul…

    Other Work:

    • Human Resource and Business Consultant – PSBG LLC
    • Board Member – The First Tee of Greater Portland
    • Contributing Assistant Professor, Willamette University, School of Business
    • Husband, golfer, dog lover, reader, and aspiring guitar player


  • We're passionate about music education

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