Nickalus Heinze | Instructor Bio

  • Nickalus Heinze
    Nɪkləs Haɪnz

  • What is your teaching philosophy?
    I believe the goal of learning an instrument is to learn how to express yourself. I encourage exploration and an inquisitive approach to music to help children learn what they enjoy about music and how to kindle that love.

    What is your favorite thing about teaching?
    Sharing my love of music with the next musicians! Playing music should be fun and letting children explore music at their own pace and their own style can create a lifelong curiosity and love for music

    About Nickalus
    Nickalus began learning piano at 7 years old after hearing a church pianist playing in an empty hall. At the age of 15 Nickalus began studying music theory and composition at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. Since then Nickalus has continued to study piano, theory, composition and music technology at Portland State University. While not teaching, Nickalus works as a composer for several mediums including film, pop and art music.