Rachael Sneddon

  • Rachael Sneddon, Director, joined the fledgling Youth Music Project team as a summer camp volunteer in the organization’s infancy in the summer of 2012. Shortly thereafter, she became its full-time marketing coordinator, and, by 2015, had become the executive director. As ED, she worked on partnering with other organizations, sought out opportunities for students to perform, chatted with students and families to learn what they loved about music, and worked on spreadsheets — a lot!

    Her hobby is playing the ukulele for her dog, Elvis. She loves music of all kinds, from Ray Charles to Bollywood, but often finds herself humming “5 Feet High and Rising” by the late Johnny Cash. If she were any instrument, she’d be a harmonica because of its versatility.

    • Former Executive Director, Youth Music Project

  • We're passionate about music education

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