Wyatt Granger | Instructor Bio

  • Wyatt Granger
    Why At Grain Jer
    Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
    Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Voice, Rock Band Coaching, Songwriting

  • About Wyatt

    The son of two hippie radio Djs, Wyatt was introduced to the world of music before he was born. Steeped into the sounds of the late 60’s and growing up among a massive collection of records, Wyatt would often sing along to everything that was playing.

    After being in choir during his youth,  Wyatt got interested in playing bass after watching an Audioslave concert at 14. Taking a few lessons lead to writing songs and forming rock bands in high school.

    Wyatt moved to Albuquerque New Mexico to study music composition and songwriting. He got his B.A. in Music Comp and has since gigged in many ABQ groups as well as worked on various compositions and recordings. He started teaching in 2016 at various after school programs,  workshops,  and private lessons trying to ignite in kids the unending world of possibilities that music can blossom.

    Currently Wyatt writes and records music for his songwriter group Rue Badly and is searching for other groups in the area to play with. He also enjoys studying Led Zepplin, writing poetry, cooking,  and philosophizing. “Through the creation of art, I’ve found out more about myself than any one thing has told me. Because in that very process of creating something,  you end with creating yourself.”

We are OPEN for lessons Monday, February 19!