Sean Jones

  • Sean Jones

    I wasn’t always an accountant. I didn’t realize that until I was 27 years old. But I did discover music when I was 4 ½ years old. My parents bought an upright piano and propped me up on the bench seat, thus launching my lifelong affection for and association with music. Piano lessons and recitals followed. Then the clarinet, the cello, choir (I was an alto then), before finally settling on the trombone as my primary instrument. I played in orchestras and bands. Classical, Dixieland, Rock & Jazz. I even wrote pop music and lyrics.
    But music never paid the bills. I never had an opportunity like the one Youth Music Project provides to its’ teaching staff. Working in a restaurant as a part-time bookkeeper revealed my gift for accounting. So, I parked my trombone in my closet, gave away my Fender Rhodes electric piano to a friend, and focused all my energies on mastering my newfound career in accounting.

    And yet, music has forever shaped my life – both personally and professionally. First and foremost, the ability to listen. Second, to collaborate with others. Third, to practice and perfect a craft. Fourth, to think and solve problems creatively. And finally, to stand up before a group of people – large or small – and perform. All of these are invaluable life skills that everyone should have.

    I am grateful and proud to have the opportunity to work for Youth Music Project. The environment of musical community is truly nurturing for young minds and personalities. And when I open a spreadsheet I see a musical score. The numbers are the notes. And I hear their music playing in my head.

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